A free ticket?

YOU BET. Joining us for a stadium cleanup gets you FREE admission into each home Iowa State Football game.

If you click on the sign up button and input your name, we'll get you on a list. When you arrive at the game, just tell them you're there for cleanup, they'll look up your name, and you're good to go!


There's nothing quite like it.

There's something extra special that bonds people together when it comes to trash. Maybe it's the mutual smell, maybe the hard working side-by-side, it could even be the joy of fantastic free finds - like a forgotten lawn chair or a discarded, perfectly usable, pop-up tent - maybe it's the sweet taste of FREE PIZZA that follows.

We're not quite sure, but you won't wanna miss this.

Jack Trice Stadium

1732 S 4th St. Ames, IA 50011

(meet at the South End Zone after every game)