Linnea Stephens

CST Resident

Linnea is originally from a small town in Illinois. But after her freshmen year of high school, her family relocated to Urbandale, Iowa. She graduated from Des Moines Christian School and then lived at home for her first semester of college. This time was the loneliest period of her life and brought her to a point where she was asking herself, “Who am I?” and “Is God actually able to save me from my brokenness?” Coming to Iowa State in the spring, she met Kendra, a salt staffer, who shared the Gospel with her. The gospel became for her the greatest story, of how Jesus was perfect for her and made her God’s child. She wanted to know more of what it looked like to know Jesus and walk with Him daily. Through the rest of her time at ISU, she was involved with The Salt Company and graduated with a degree in Child, Adult, and Family Services. She loves meeting new people, being in a city, conversational running, and swinging at the city park!