Our Story

For almost 50 years God has been writing a story here at Iowa State University that is uncommon and inspiring, yet far from complete. In 1972, Jack Owens came to Ames to start a Baptist Campus Ministry. In 1987, the ministry changed its name to The Salt Company and shifted its focus from being a denominational ministry to being a ministry of a local church.

In 1994, fueled by a passion for reaching the next generation, the leadership of The Salt Company planted a new church, Cornerstone Church, with 24 community members and 200 college students. Since 1994 both the church and The Salt Company has thrived under the waterfall of God's blessing.

Roughly 1,300 students attend our weekly large group gathering. The student leaders of The Salt Company use their gifts as a part of the body of Christ to expand the work of God, and lives are being transformed. God continues to amaze us with his goodness leaving us crying out for more, and more. God's work over the past four decades has been mighty, but it is far from done.

Do it again, God! Do it again!